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Terms and Conditions


Refunds are available within five days of ordering - please write me at Beyond that time I can't offer a refund because the item will already have shipped.

Item Damaged

If your ordered product arrives damaged please email me a photo at I'll replace a book damaged in shipping that has a torn/bent cover or pages. Dented corners or small blemishes do not necessarily qualify. Send me that email and let's discuss.


Sadly the postage these days is so high I can't offer refunds/exchanges. Plus, if you ordered a custom inscription, I can't resell that copy for obvious reasons. 

Wrong Order

This seems unlikely since it's such a small operation (just me and my website), but if I somehow screw up and send you the wrong product, let me know at and I'll get you what you paid for. The item sent in error is basically a bonus at that point. Yours to enjoy.

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